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Wanting to start practicing mindfulness meditation but not sure where to start? The 3-Step Breathing Meditation takes less than 5 minutes and can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as helping you tune into how your body, mind and breath are feeling. You might start practicing this several times a day, to get familiar with the practice and enable you to have it as a tool to use in times of stress and discomfort, and be more resilient . Try out the practice using Irene Lomer`s guidance that she recorded recently Tula Amsterdam .


Stress is our body`s response to pressures from a situation or life event. If stress keeps building up for a prolonged period of time it can become chronic, which can impact our physical and mental health. Yoga and mindfulness meditation have been proven to help manage the effects of stress and promote overall wellbeing. Want to find out more about the research that has been done on mindfulness approaches to combat stress? Take a look at these interesting links... If you are in Amsterdam and want to introduce yoga and / or mindfulness meditation at the workplace or on an individual level get in touch with us at Antara Yoga


International Women`s Day is something that started over 100 years ago yet still offers a moment to reflect on the steps that have been made in women`s equality and look at what there is still to work on. Wishing every man and women a happy moment to celebrate how far we have come and also look at the steps we can take to improve further inside and outside our yoga communities!


Wow it feels good to get back to practice today after being sick last week. Enjoy the sunny weekend and hope to see you back on the mat again soon!! ❤


Capturing a well deserved rest after a busy workshop! Thanks for everyone who joined today🙌 - it was a lot of fun 😃


Thinking back to a very special moment...two years ago Irene Lomer completed her 200 RYT teacher training with inspiring teacher`s Robert Boustany and Dorinda Farver. "When I started teaching I was so excited to share my passion for yoga with others. I never expected though to learn so much from my students. Thank you for each student that has come across my path and taught me some valuable lessons!"