Online Workshop Pranayama, an introduction with Irene Lomer | Sunday 24 May 2020 14:00 | Antara Yoga

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Online Workshop Pranayama, an introduction with Irene Lomer

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Start: Sunday 24 May 2020 14:00
Irene will be teaching an interesting live streaming workshop via Zoom. This time about Pranayama - Breathing techniques.

PRANAYAMA in Sanskrit means to control, lengthen or extend (ayama) the life force energy (prana). This literally can be done by controlling the breath via various breathing techniques that modify the inhalation, exhalation or pause between the breath. Pranayama requires strong concentration and focus which has a profound effect on calming the mind and preparing the body for both asana and meditation.

----- IN THE WORKSHOP we will cover a short asana practice to prepare the body for sitting. After this each student will be guided to observe and get more familiar with the pattern of their natural breath by observing, feeling and exploring. We will then progress through a series of pranayama practices and each student will be supported in identifying which pranayama practices they can benefit from most based. Finally we will finish with another breath inquiry to observe the effects that the pranayama exercises have had on the natural breath.

----- AFTER THE WORKSHOP you will feel calm, spacious and light. You will have learnt something new about the natural tendancies of your breath and how you can use pranayama practices to find a deeper and more effortless breath. This can support you not only in yoga asana and meditation practice but also in everyday life.

----- THE WORKSHOP IS RECOMMENDED for all levels of yoga practitioners - whether you are completely new to pranayama, or have some prior experience.

Date: Sunday May 24th Time: 14.00 16.00hrs Location: TULA Bos en Lommer Registration:

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