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Change is always constant but not always easy. Sorry to say goodbye to all the inspiring and dedicated students Greatyoga after almost three years of teaching a regular Sunday morning class. Thank you for the great Sunday vibe you all created and hope to see you still somewhere and sometime again soon!


There are many different reasons why people choose to start yoga - often due to the benefits it brings to make your body feel better or mind feel calmer. It was great this weekend to share with many students their first experience of yoga during a beginners workshop @tulaamsterdam


Last night`s pranayama workshop @tulaamsterdam was the perfect way to peacefully start the weekend. It was really enjoyable to guide a group of curious students through a series of breathing techniques. We also worked on exploring different breathing patterns and how to build a home pranayama practice. Thank you for all the enthusiasm and energy!


Yogascreen is starting to come to life as we finished our first day of filming by @wildemanmedia at the beautiful @tulaamsterdam It`s an interesting experiment to find out if you can keep your breath and poses steady and attention inwards whilst knowing that you are being filmed. Very excited about sharing these yoga video pose tutorials with those interested in learning more about the technique behind yoga poses.


After a few weeks of hard work and a lot of preparation by @wildemanmedia we started today preparing our new yoga tutorial platform #yogascreen in action. It was fun but exhausting work recording all the voice overs for @wildemanmedia and Antara Yoga `s new online yoga project. Stay tuned for more details!


Enjoyed teaching a special workshop today #asanalab at Tula BoLo, with some dedicated students and Nanja - one of the first yoga teachers to complete her training at Tula - assisting. It was fun together to explore the technique behind poses like #urdhvadhanurasana (wheel pose), #sirsasana (headstand) and #adhomukhasvanasana (downward dog).


Utthita trikonasana (aka triangle pose) is one of the fundamental standing poses in yoga. It doesn`t require much preparation and so can be done early on in your practice. In ashtanga yoga this is always the first of the standing poses. A great way to stretch and strengthen not only your legs but also your hips, ankles, sides of your torso and shoulders. Stay at least five breathes to get maximum benefits.


Happy world peace day! Time to take a moment to stop, reflect, feel your body and your breath - and then go back to what you were doing with more presence and connection.


There was so much passion and excitement in today`s beginners workshop. September seems to be the new January for setting intentions and starting new healthy habits.


Yoga can be something you do everyday no matter how much time and energy you have. Even if your yoga today is only a few sun salutations or a short meditation - you are still doing yoga! #happyinternationalyogaday #yogaeverywhere #padmasana #yoga #meditation


King of the asanas - sirsasana


Trikonasana in the sand dunes


Students taking a well deserved savasana after an intense ashtanga class


Practicing a series of standing warrior poses can do wonders when you`re feeling in need of re-discovering a deep calmness. Join one of my classes this week at Tula, Yogafest or Great to explore about this theme of grounding and the earth element. More details at


Students practicing hard during an inversions workshop


Students preparing for lift off during an inversions workshop


Calming shoulderstand and halasana towards the end of an inversions workshop


One week into 2018 is a great time to check in with yourself on how your intentions for the new year are going. Remember there is nothing like the present moment to reassess and if necessary start over again! 😊❤


Taking a well deserved rest after today`s workshop. Grateful for having shared this afternoon with some dedicated students ⭐


Early morning practice to energise staff for a 2-day conference on health and wellbeing at work


Interesting discussions about what things give staff energy and what things are more draining


Healthy breakfast to start the 2-day health and wellbeing conference with Zeal


Yoga class during the 2-day Zeal Conference for promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace